Pioneer Auctions Terms & Conditions

Pioneer Auctions Sellers Terms & Conditions

1. The Vehicle undergoes a comprehensive technical inspection approved by the traffic Authority and delivered with the vehicle.

2. The value of the inspection report (Two Hundred and Ten Dirhams) is collected from the owner of the Vehicle.

3. Vehicle papers (possession) shall be delivered to the Auction Administration in addition to a copy of the identity of the Seller (ID), his residence visa and signature on the Vehicle Selling Authorization form before the auction.

4. The model of the Vehicle is specified as shown in the official papers.

5. The Vehicle is sold for the highest bid price at the time of auction sale.

6. Vehicle specifications and meter reading (kilometers/ miles) is the responsibility of the owner of the Vehicle.

7. The commission is calculated as follows:

a. If the Vehicle is sold above 18,000AED

b. 5% of sale value commission + 210AED RTA test fee + 100AED Service charge +VAT

c. If Vehicle is sold below 18,000AED

d. 945AED commission + 210AED RTA test fee + 100AED Service charge +VAT

If the Vehicle enters the auction but was not sold, the Seller must pay AED 885 (AED 575 entry fees + 210 AED RTA inspection fees + 100 AED Service Fee). If the Vehicle does not enter the auction, the Seller may withdraw the Vehicle, But the Seller must pay RTA inspection fees and other fees.

9. In the event the buyer fails to pay the value of the Vehicle, the Security Deposit is confiscated for the sole benefit of Pioneer Auctions Organizing. 

10. In case the buyer does not pay the value of the Vehicle, the Vehicle will be resold at a later auction if the Seller so desires.

11. When the Vehicle is sold, the cheques will be delivered to the Seller within four working days from the date of receipt of the full amount from the buyer.

12. A preliminary evaluation of the Vehicle shall be calculated as a minimum reserve price of the Vehicle with the consent of the Seller.

13. The auction is not responsible for the condition of the Vehicle (external and mechanical condition) until receiving RTA inspection report.

14. If the Seller is registered with the VAT Authority (Federal Tax Authority), he / she will have to submit the VAT invoice to the Buyer before the cheque is collected.

1. Pioneer Auctions Organizing shall have the right to use all lot images and audience/presence as part of marketing or as part of legal proceedings.

2. Pioneer Auctions Organizing shall be entitled to cancel the sale of the said lot without giving any reason and return any amount due to the buyer without bearing Pioneer Auctions Organizing any other expenses related to the lot.

3. Pioneer Auctions Organizing reserves the right to modify any of the above terms and conditions at any time without reference to anyone, by updating the terms and conditions contained on its website or any other place of the auction.

4. For more information please refer to the general terms and conditions of the auction or contact us directly.

Buyers General Terms & Conditions

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